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In addition to a 4th degree or above cert, Instructors must have passed an IIC to grade students and apply for ITF Certification.

If your unsure please ask to see the Instructor's qualifications. Any reputable ITF Instructor is proud to display the above.

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If your organisation is in good standing with the ITF they will be listed on our web and have one or both of the following on display:

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International Taekwon-Do Federation News

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Sam Il   100 years ago
1st Mar 2019
100 years ago on "Sam Il " 1919 was the Independence Movement of Korea
ITF Promotions
28th Feb 2019
An update from the ITF Promotions Committee
Seasons Greetings
22nd Dec 2018
Sad loss to both GM Galarraga and Master Crochet
30th Nov 2018
The ITF and itís members would like to pass on our most sincere condolences to Grandmaster Galarraga and family on the passing of his father, and...
GM Han Sam Soo - Stood - Down
14th Nov 2018
Official Announcement. ITF Administration wishes to announce that Master Han Sam Soo has been stood-down from all official positions within the ITF, and subsequently is no longer...
Gen Choi Hong Hi remembered
9th Nov 2018
On the 100th anniversary of the Founder's birth
A personal message from President Choi Jung Hwa
8th Nov 2018
Thanks and acknowledgement
Choo Seol
24th Sep 2018
An explanation of this special Korean festival
General Lim Sun Ha
28th Jul 2018
Sad passing of an historical person in Taekwon-Do history
Remembering our Founder
15th Jun 2018
A tribute and reminder
ITF Anniversary
22nd Mar 2018
Today marks the anniversary of the formation of the ITF in South Korea on March 22nd 1966. Thank you Gen Choi and the early ITF pioneers...
ITF in China
20th Jan 2018
Report of the opening of the Dan-Gun Club from CangXuan Taekwon-Do
Christmas Greetings
23rd Dec 2017
Christmas Greetings
Master Parm Rai - Update
12th Dec 2017
Charges against Master Rai withdrawn
The Founder's birthday - Taekwon-Do history
9th Nov 2017
Clarification on the history of General Choi Hong Hi's birthday
Anniversary of Gen Choi's Birthday
9th Nov 2017
November 9th, 2017 - a memorable day
Official Invitation to ITF World Championships 2018 - Argentina
12th Oct 2017
Latest update to Official Invitation to ITF World Championships 2018 - Argentina
Update to ITF Statement
15th Aug 2017
ITF members are requested to note the content of the attached statement
ITF Response
13th Aug 2017
A brief statement in response to Master Parm Rai
10th Aug 2017
In response to social media communications
Master Crochet Promotion
12th May 2017
Promotion of Master Crochet : The ITF Promotions Board, on behalf of the ITF President, announce the promotion of Master Crochet to 8th Degree Master.
ITF welcomes Master Jorge Roberts
13th Feb 2017
The ITF Federation of Argentina welcomes Master Jorge Rogers and his organizations Masters, Instructors and Students.
ITF welcomes the return of Master Fabian Pini
3rd Jan 2017
The ITF Federation of Argentina welcomes Master Fabian Pini and his organization and the Masters, Instructors and Students members of his organization.
Welcome to GM J C Kim from ITF Adviser
7th Nov 2016
ITF Adviser, GM Han Sam Soo, expresses his personal welcome to GM J C Kim
Vice President's Welcome to GM J C Kim
7th Nov 2016
I would like to add my welcome to GM J C Kim to that of our President
President's Welcome to Grand Master JC Kim
24th Oct 2016
I am honoured that the legendary Grand Master Kim Jong Chan has come out of his retirement and will be active again in the International Taekwon-Do...
Update 26/10/16:  ITF Administration - communications restored
19th Oct 2016
ITF Administration in Yiewsley suffered a catastrophic loss of telephone and broadband services on 19/10/2016 due to an outage at the British Telecom West Drayton Exchange. We...
Taekwon-Do Founder Gen Choi Hong Hi inducted into the Taekwondowon Hall of Fame in the Republic of Korea
21st Sep 2016
A ceremony was held on September 3, 2016 at the Taekwondowon to induct those who had introduced Taekwon-Do.
Showing news items   61 to 90 of 284
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