Why join the ITF under the administration of President Choi Jung Hwa?

President Choi was legally elected as President of the ITF in Rimini, Italy, during the 12th Congress in 2001. Prior to the death of his father, and the founder of Taekwon-do, General Choi Hong Hi, President Choi took the courageous step of removing the ITF from the direct control of the government of North Korea to ensure that your ITF could remain a truly independent and credible international organisation.

Those that disputed President Choi's assertion that the North Korean government would try to take control of the ITF were left to eat their words, when an illegal meeting in Pyongyang, following the death of General Choi, attempted to install a North Korean government official as President.

In contrast, those in the liberated ITF have enjoyed unheard of freedom to manage their own affairs as organisations under the ITF. Our members have the right to complete autonomy, even within their own national territories, whilst still benefiting from the vast technical, administrative, and organisational resources of a major international organisation.

As well as the many, many, international courses and events that the ITF has successfully hosed, President Choi achieved his father's dream of returning traditional Taekwon-do to the people of South Korea. In 2004, The ITF executive team, succeeded in hosting an historic World Championships in Daejon City, South Korea. The first time, in modern history, that the ITF has held any such event in the land of its birth.

The ITF is now a modern and dynamic organisation. If you are interested in learning how you might benefit from ITF membership, please follow the appropriate link below to send us your details (no obligation) and we will contact to you to discuss how we might work together, for the true benefit of Taekwon-do around the world, and to preserve the legacy of General Choi.

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