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Instructor Certified?
Instructor / Examiner
In addition to a 4th degree or above cert, Instructors must have passed an IIC to grade students and apply for ITF Certification.

If your unsure please ask to see the Instructor's qualifications. Any reputable ITF Instructor is proud to display the above.

Organisation Certified?
ITF Clubs
If your organisation is in good standing with the ITF they will be listed on our web and have one or both of the following on display:

If your unsure please ask to see the Instructor's and Club's qualifications. Any reputable ITF Clubs or Instructors are proud to display the above.


BackAwards - Choi Family Medal - Appointments

16th September 2018

Following an international meeting held at the recent World Championships, our President awarded/recognised and appointed members of ITF as listed below:


Choi Family Star:

Jong Chan Kim


Grand Master Promotion:

Antonio Troiano, Italy


Achievement Medals:

Trioano, Mario

Barat, Ebel

Crochet, Susan

Demers, Michel

Pini, Fabio

Boitano, Hector

Perez, Fernando

Tiesen, Henny

Kawakubo, Edimar

Fernandez, Javier

Bander, Jerardo

Jue, Gordon

Yu Seung Hi

Chand, Yogi

Nicholls, Ashley

Horan, Glenn

Keating, Noel

Japunchik, Yapunchik

Lyang, Dmitri

Topolanski, Javier



Sueng Chil Kim - Director of ITF Research

Hickey, Daniel - Chair of Promotions

Muleta, Michael - Under Secretary General, Administration

Jung, Chris - Under Secretary, Planning


Congratulations and best wishes to all the above.


Choi Jung Hwa,

President, ITF


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