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In addition to a 4th degree or above cert, Instructors must have passed an IIC to grade students and apply for ITF Certification.

If your unsure please ask to see the Instructor's qualifications. Any reputable ITF Instructor is proud to display the above.

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ITF Clubs
If your organisation is in good standing with the ITF they will be listed on our web and have one or both of the following on display:

If your unsure please ask to see the Instructor's and Club's qualifications. Any reputable ITF Clubs or Instructors are proud to display the above.


International Taekwon-Do Federation News

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Senior Promotions
11th Sep 2007
The ITF is currently reviewing both process and application criteria for Senior Degree Testing. During this period please continue to register and obtain Authorisation for all...
The XIV ITF World Championships
28th Aug 2007
On behalf of the International Taekwon-Do Federation, it is my pleasure to confirm that the XIV ITF World Championships were a success.
Mr Parm Rai promotion
28th Aug 2007
The ITF Promotions Committee are pleased to confirm the promotion of Mr Parm Rai of Canada to VII Degree.
International Instructor Courses
24th May 2007
Master Choi Jung Hwa has confirmed that the following Instructors have the remit, to deliver and approve the International Instructor Course and Certification.
The Lunar New Year has arrived and the world welcomes the year of the Pig.
26th Feb 2007
For all those born this year, accept my congratulations for tradition states that those born in the year of the pig are blessed with luck and...
14th Senior and 9th Junior ITF World Championships
21st Feb 2007
It gives us great pleasure to announce the online entries for the 14th Senior and 9th Junior ITF World Championships are now live.
ITF Practitioners
1st Jan 2007
As we see the year 2007 appear on our calendars, it is undoubtedly a welcome sight to some who are hoping for a "good year". ...
ITF World Championships 2007
13th Nov 2006
The official website is now online
Championship Results
21st Sep 2006
The following results can now be found online: European Championships, 8th Junior ITF World Championships
ITF Disciplinary Committee
23rd Jun 2006
The board are in receipt of numerous concerns and due to the depth of the enquiry needed, the decision has been made for immediate suspension. No...
Thank you
23rd May 2006
I would like to thank all of our members for their wishes of happiness to me on my birthday. I am sure that due to your...
VIII Junior World Championships
12th May 2006
Be advised that all deposits are due June 1st, Final balances and registrations are due by July 1st. Fees and applications received after July 1st will...
ITF Award Recipients - 2006
30th Mar 2006
ITF Award Recipients - 2006
European Championships, Germany
3rd Mar 2006
All Degree competitors without exception will be required to produce Original and Current ITF Status Card along with proof of degree, verified by either the Mini...
ITF Disciplinary Committee
21st Feb 2006
All current members of the ITF are today informed Mr Michael Morningstar has been suspended from the ITF. Members should also be aware and are duly...
Online Payment
1st Feb 2006
Online payments can now be processed fast, free and secure!
ITF Umpire Course
13th Jan 2006
UK-ITF (INO 90) are pleased to announce that Master Nestor Galarraga, 8th Degree, Chairman of the ITF Tournament Committee will be conducting an official ITF Umpire's...
8th Junior World Championships
28th Nov 2005
Please be advised that the age qualification for participants at the 8th ITF Junior World Championships, in Geelong, Australia, 2006 is precisely as follows:
Senior ITF Promotion
9th Oct 2005
The ITF is pleased to announce the promotion of Master Nestor Galarraga to 8th Degree (Dan) Blackbelt, on 8th October 2005.
ITF Panamerican Championships
7th Oct 2005
The ITF would like to congratulate the organising committee of the 7th ITF Panamerican Championships for their outstanding preparations for this event which commences today (Friday)....
Junior World Championship - Australia 2006
7th Oct 2005
The Tournament & Umpires Committee wish to clarify that only competitors aged between 13 and 17 years (inclusive) on the first day of the championships are...
International Umpires Designation
7th Oct 2005
Please note that with immediate effect, all umpires certification held by members prior to 05/10/2005 is no longer considered current by the ITF Tournaments and Umpires...
President and Vice-President Arrive in Buenos Aires
6th Oct 2005
President Choi Jung Hwa has today 06/10/2005) arrived in Buenos Aires, Argentina, accompanied by Vice-President, Mr. Michael Tibollo.
ITF PanAmerican Championships
3rd Oct 2005
ITF members from around the world are travelling to Buenos Aires, Argentina, from today, to participate in the ITF PanAmerican Championships, the 1st ITF Intercontinental Cup...
President Chairs ITF Executive Meeting in London
26th Sep 2005
Following this weekends Masterclass in the UK, President Choi is currently engaged with ITF business together with ITF Senior Vice President, Master Ligay, ITF Secretary General,...
President Choi - UK Masterclass
24th Sep 2005
The ITF would like to wish all members in the UK a very successful Masterclass with President Choi Jung Hwa, today, Saturday 24th September.
Website Relaunch
15th Sep 2005
We are pleased to announce the relaunch of The site has been relaunched to facilitate the administation of the ITF, and will eventually be developed...
Showing news items   241 to 267 of 267
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