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BackITF Tournament Committee meeting in Zaragoza, Spain, March 20, 2009

20th April 2009

ITF Tournament Committee
Left to Right: Mr Skyrme, Master Dalton, Master Galarraga, Master Maidana, Mr Perez

Master Nestor Galarraga recently travelled to Spain to conduct a meeting of the ITF Tournament Committee. In attendance were Master Maidana, Master Dalton, Mr Skyrme, Mr Perez and Mr McCabe. The meeting was extensive and lasted over five hours. The specific topics covered included.

  • The announcement of the ITF Worldwide Tournament Committee; this committee will be composed by members of the five Continents.
  • ITF Regional Tournament Committees. The regions will be The Americas, Europe, Asia, Africa and Oceania.
  • The ITF Regional Tournament Committees will appoint Sub Committees. These Sub Committees will consist of the regionīs leading jury presidents, referees and judges. These sub committees will also be responsible for such areas as sponsorship and media promotion. The ITF Tournament Committee is now asking every national organisation to nominate appropriate individuals for these Sub Committees. The larger countries may nominate more than one Class A Umpire. Please email all nominations to Master Jose Maidana
  • The ITF tournaments were classified in to the following:

Official tournaments:

Only for ITF members registered with Nationals Organisations.

  1. ITF World Championships
  2. ITF Open World Cup
  3. ITF Continental Championships (European, Pan American, etc.)

National tournaments:

  1. National Championships (OPEN)
  2. Tournament Selections or Selection Series (ITF Members ONLY)
  3. International Championships (OPEN)

Note:  Tournament Selections must be notified in advance to the ITF.
            Open National and International Championships will not be Sanctioned by the ITF.

  • Approval for the Implementation for the new ITF electronic scoring system was given. This process will be overseen by Mr Mark Skyrme. Organisations interested in a trial should contact Mr Skyrme directly.

ITF Regional Tournament Committees formed were as follows:

ITF Tournament & Umpire Committee Chairman:

  • Master Nestor Galarraga
       ARGENTINA ARG-8-1000


  • Master Don Dalton.
       IRELAND IRL-7-1001
  • Mr. Mark Skyrme
       ENGLAND GBR-6-1009
  • Mr. Fernando Perez.
       SPAIN ESP-6-1000


  • Master Michael Muleta.
       AUSTRALIA AUS-7-1002


  • Master Jose Maidana.
       ARGENTINA ARG-7-1004
  • Mr. Chris Reid.
       CANADA CAN-6-1005
  • Mr. Edimir Kawakubo.
       BRAZIL BRA-5-1001


  • To be appointed


  • To be appointed

Next ITF Tournament committee meeting has been scheduled for June 2009 in England.

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