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15th Jun 2022
20th anniversary of the passing of Gen Choi Hong Hi, the Founder of Taekwon-Do
We pay our respect to a man who bequeathed an enduring legacy in the art of Taekwon-Do.
11th Apr 2022
Taekwon-Do Day
Marking the 67th anniversary of the inauguration of Taekwon-Do on 11th April 1955
21st Mar 2022
Commemorating the 56th anniversary of ITF
A tribute to the legacy of the Founder, Gen Choi Hong Hi
22nd Dec 2021
Seasonal message from President Choi Jung Hwa and his Executive
To all members of ITF
6th Dec 2021
ITF Asia Championships 2021
Report on the Tul Championships held on 20th November 2021
9th Nov 2021
Remembering the birth of the Taekwon-Do Founder, General Choi Hong Hi
Marking the 103rd anniversary of the birth of Taekwon-Do Founder, General Choi Hong Hi
15th Jun 2021
Taking inspiration from the Founder, Choi Hong Hi
This date, 15th June 2021, marks the 19th anniversary of the passing of Gen Choi Hong Hi.
31st May 2021
ITF Senior Promotion - ITF MO#620
Congratulations to Master Vannum Maruthi Prasad on his successful testing on 30th May 2021
31st May 2021
ITF Senior Promotions - UK ITF INO#2
Congratulations to Master Rauli, Master Horan and Master Buxton on their successful testings on 22nd May 2021
16th May 2021
ITF Salute Grand Master Park Jung Taek
A personal message from President Choi Jung Hwa on the passing of Grand Master Park Jung Taek
11th Apr 2021
Marking the anniversary of Taekwon-Do
Thoughts on this significant day.
22nd Mar 2021
ITF Anniversary 2021
Marking 55 years of the ITF
12th Mar 2021
International Masters Course
28th March 2021
18th Feb 2021
ITF Technical Committee Appointment
ITF confirm the appointment of Master William Howard to the role of ITF Technical Committee Chair
7th Feb 2021
Notifications of Resignation
ITF response
2nd Jan 2021
New Year Message
2021 Message from ITF Executive
20th Dec 2020
End of 2020 - seasonal reflection and wishes
A message from ITF President Choi Jung Hwa and his Executive
3rd Dec 2020
IICV and IUCV 5th/6th December 2020
Appreciation of the positive response to the ITF International Instructor and Umpire Courses Virtual this weekend.
9th Nov 2020
In celebration of Gen Choi and Taekwon-Do
On the anniversary of the Founder's birth
15th Jun 2020
Honouring the Founder's Vision
A poignant reminder of the Founder's vision and purpose

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