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Online TKD Training for instructors and head coaches of India, session conducted by Master Yogi Chand 7th Degree.

Out of 6 Weeks training ,4 weeks report as below.

Master Yogi Chand’s 1st week TKD training on 10/04/2021

1st Week : Techniques of Hand, Hip, Shoulder rotation.
In Today''s class we learned how to use Hand, Hip & Shoulder rotation using TKD Hand Movements & Kicks.

Hand Movements
1. Walking stance Forearm low Block
(Gunnun so najunde makgi)

2. Walking stance Knife Hand low Block
(Gunnun so sonkal najunde makgi)

3. Walking stance outer forearm High Block
(Gunnun so palmok bakat makgi)

4. Walking stance Inner forearm Block
(Gunnun so unpalmok kaunde makgi)

5. Walking stance Knife hand low Block
(Gunuun so sonkal najunde makgi)

6. walking stance Twin fist High vertical punch
(Gunnun so sang joomuk sewo jirugi)

7. X-Stance back fist high side strike
(Kyocha so dung joomuk nopunde yop taerigi)

8. Walking stance outer forearm knife hand wedging Block
(Gunnun so bakat palmok nopunde hechyo makgi)


9. low Twisting kick
( Niunja so so najunde biruro chagi)

10. Middle twisting kick
( Niunja so kaunde biruro chagi)

11. High Twisting kick
( Niunja so nopunde biruro chagi)

12. One leg Stance
(Guburyo junbi sogi)

13. Back piercing kick
(Dwitcha Jirugi)

Master Yogi Chand’s 2nd week TKD training on 17/04/2021.

2nd Week : Elbow (Palkup) Training.
1. Back Elbow (Dwit Palkup)
2. Side Elbow (Yop Palmok) 
3. Double Side Elbow (Jau Palkup)
4. Straight Elbow(Sun Palkup) 
5. Upper Elbow (Wi Palkup) 
6. Front Elbow (Ap Palkup)
7. High Elbow (Nopun Palkup)

In Today''s session we learned using elbows, how to attack and defence in TKD.

Master Yogi Chand’s 3rd week TKD training on 24/04/2021.

3rd Week : Kobatan Military Defense Training.

In today''s session we learned how to apply kobatan in Taekwon-Do techniques
Using knife,pen/pencil,finger length iron pipe.

Master Yogi Chand’s 4th week TKD Training on 01/05/2021.

4th week : 1-step sparring

In today''s session We learned how to do 1-Step Sparring using patterns of Chon ji Tul to Moon moo Tul.


Special thanks to Master Yogi Chand🙏💐

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