Mr Roody Etienne: profile
Name:Mr Roody Etienne
Membership Status:Expired
Achievements: VI Degree   CAN-6-1013
Umpire, Class A 58-1993
Awarded 19th March 2017
Member of:Canadian Elite Taekwon-Do Federation (INO)
Last Activity:18th Feb 2018, 02:57

About the Instructor (Sabum):

Roody Etienne is a Canadian of Haitian origin. He was born to a hard working middle class family and attended College Pratique du Nord, one of the most prestigious baptist private schools in Haiti. From 1990 to 1995, he went to the National School of Arts to study computerized accounting.

His first martial art was Kyokushin Karate Do, then World Taekwondo (where he earned his 2nd dan) and finally ITF Taekwon-Do from the 1980s to present. His first international title was in 1996 at the Dominican Republic, where he was the Caribbean Grand Champion in sparring). His other accomplishments include:

When he arrived in Canada from the USA on July 30th 2007, he studied as a Machinist and Prototyper at la Cite Collegiale from 2008 to 2010 (also working there as a  Taekwon-Do instructor).

In the summer of 2009,  he started his first free Taekwon-Do program to help disadvantaged children and youth at The Heatherington Albion Community Centre. His passion and dream to is help those in need to help create a better and safer society.