Chand Institute of Taekwon-Do (INO #399)

NameChand Institute of Taekwon-Do (CITKD)
Address2 Hepher Close
MK43 9QS
Contact Details
Contact personYogi Chand
PresidentMaster Yogi Chand VII Degree

Taekwon-do is a martial art infused with the spirit and soul of its practitioners. As one of the proudest cultural inheritances of the Koreans, it has also been developed into a modern sport, establishing a brilliant landmark of monumental achievement throughout the long history of martial arts.

Grand Master Choi Jung Hwa ITF President and son of General Choi was officially announced at the ITF World Congress, as the Presidential successor, with effect from 2003.

As Director of Chand Institutes, and affiliated to the International Taekwon-do Federation, we abide by the legacy left by Grand Master General Choi Hong Hi IX, founding father.

Currently, Grand Master Trevor Nicholls VIIII Degree, Secretary General of the ITF is mentoring and instructing me personally since 2004 for which I am both privileged and grateful.

With pride and respect

Chand VII Degree


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