Limitless Taekwondo MO (INO #547)

NameLimitless Taekwondo MO
Address3410 Semenyk Court
Unit 8
L5C 4P8
Contact Details
Contact personF Buen
Email Address[email protected]
Telephone(647) 966-0490
PresidentMr. F. Buen

Unique in there approach towards both philanthropy and traditional martial arts, Limitless taekwon-do is a school like no other.

Mr. Buen, head instructor, established Limitless Taekwon-do in 2011. Having difficulties in his social life growing up, he got involved in all kinds of challenging influences that ultimately lead him into trouble both personally and with his family and close friends. As a result of these experiences, Mr Buen has devoted himself to use the Korean art of Self Defence (taekwon-do) as a platform to reach out to youths (not limited to) in his community so that he, along with his highly trained assistant instructors, would make a powerful impact on the people in his local community.

Limitless taekwon-do has a mission to "cultivate leaders". Leadership is a huge agenda in our school. We use leadership principles, which we've gathered through seminars, mentorship from elders and personal development materials to guide us in developing the members of our school. Character development & personal growth is high up in our priorities list next to solid, high quality taekwon-do.

Although very important, training members intrinsically is not the "be-all-end-all" of our service. We strive and ambition to train world class athletes. We are passionate about our technique and are loyal in bringing reverence to our general and founder of taekwon-do General Choi. Physical and technical training is just as important as character development in our school. We compete in all local, national and international tournaments. We attend International Instructors Course seminars & national advance black belt trainings so that we aren't limited in our exposure to a global martial art.

Our goal in every class is that you leave, either inspired to change the world or incredibly sweaty!

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