Unified Taekwon-Do Association

Unified Taekwon-Do Association
# INO 400 (Current): Renew Now
Office 43
Mansion House
Wrest Park
MK45 4HR
07850 968160
ContactMaster Glenn Horan
PresidentMaster Glenn Horan
SecretaryMrs Kirsty Owen
TreasurerMaster Michael Owen
The U.T.A was founded in January 2003 the founder members being Instructors from the Hitchin Taekwon-do School.
The U.T.A is a totally non profit making organisation and is soley for the benefit of the Instructor and student members.
All of the Instructors in the UTA have attended an Instructors course recognised by the British Taekwon-do Council. The BTC is the only recognised Taekwon-do body in the UK. You will find a list of Instructors on the BTC website, www.tkdcouncil.com
The UTA is in membership of the UKITF which gives the UTA the ability to issue Internationally recognised coloured belt and black belt grading certificates.
All UTA Instructors have undergone an enhanced criminal records bureau check to give parents and carers peace of mind when teaching children and vulnerable adults. The UTA abide by the BTC child protection policy.
We take pride in giving our students well run competitions and seminars with our own Instructors and also inviting Master Instructors from other groups and associations.
We have regular squad training sessions and are one of the few organizations that have black belt training sessions three times a week.
All the UTA schools have a family discount scheme and are flexible regarding special arrangements.
The UTA committee are elected every year at the AGM and any UTA Instructor member can apply for a position on the committee. We believe that accountability is a very important aspect of running any organisation. The present Chairman of the UTA is Master Glenn Horan who is a 8th Degree Black belt Master and grading examiner. He has attended many Instructors courses conducted by the late General Choi Hong Hi the founder of Taekwon-do and now Grand Master Choi Jung Hwa. Also, training regularly with Master Nicholls in London, this gives the advantage of being able to teach authentic Taekwon-do but at the same time teaching the modern views and opinions of new Instructors, Masters and Grand Masters.
We take pride in working closely with Master Nicholls to give all our members the opportunities of various competitions, seminars and the technical updates.