Elite Taekwon-Do Academy Ireland
(ETA Ireland)  

This association’s status is: Expired

Elite Taekwon-Do Academy Ireland
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Unit 15
Clon Road Business Park
Clon Road
Co. Clare
[email protected]
ContactTim Forde
PresidentMr Aidan Walsh
SecretaryMr Tim Forde
TreasurerMr Terry Donnelly

Elite Taekwon-Do Academy Ireland is a new and vibrant ITF Taekwon-Do organisation in Ireland.

Our president, Mr Aidan Walsh is one of the original Irish Taekwon-Do pioneers. Mr Walsh began his training in 1968 under GM Rhee when ITF Taekwon-Do was first brought to Ireland.

Mr Walsh was the driving force behind Irelandís largest and most successful Taekwon-Do organisation, the All Ireland Taekwon-Do Association (AITA) for over a decade.

Today, Mr Walsh along with his life long students, Mr Terry Donnelly and Mr Tim Forde, is still actively training and teaching Taekwon-Do, and it is from this staying power, dedication and experience that our association boasts a standard of Taekwon-Do that will be second to none.

Elite Taekwon-Do Academy prides itself on standard. Providing an exceptional student service and an honest and open administration. We provide our students with the most up to date and scientific methods of training, based on decades of research and experience garnered from all corners of the globe.

Our Executive committee consists of the following instructors and coaches;

President - Mr Aidan Walsh VI
Secretary - Mr Tim Forde VI
Treasurer - Mr Terry Donnelly VI
Director of Coaching - Mr Terry Donnelly VI

Our mission is to provide quality instruction and coaching.
Our priority is the student of Taekwon-Do.

If you are interested in joining with Irelands most experienced team of Taekwon-Do coaches and instructors, please donít hesitate to contact us: [email protected]