Canadian Elite Taekwon-Do Federation

Canadian Elite Taekwon-Do Federation
# INO 239 (Current): Renew Now
L6T 5C6
[email protected]
PresidentMaster Michel Demers CAN-8-1003
Vice President Mr. Troy L. El Bey CAN-6-1019
SecretaryMrs. Tina Ford CAN-6-1017
Treasurer Mr John Ford CAN-4-1063 & Mrs Hollie El Bey CAN-5-1035
       Canadian Elite Taekwon-do Federation 
 INO # 239 
Established in 2005. 
    (As Of 2014-Federally Registered Non-Profit in Canada)
    Master M. Demers(President), Master C. Reid's(former ITF Spoke Person) schools, founded this organization in October 2005 at the request of President Choi Jung Hwa. 
2024 marks the 19th year anniversary of 
INO # 239!!!
     These instructors and their schools have been with the International Taekwon-do Federation under Grand Master Choi Jung Hwa since the beginning of his Presidency. 
    This organization was formed with the intent to continue to strengthen and promote General Choi Hong Hi's orthodox Taekwon-do and to honor and respect the art he founded. We continue this tradition through his son, Grand Master Choi Jung Hwa, and the original International Taekwon-do Federation. The Canadian Elite Taekwon-do is fortunate to be founded by a great number of dedicated, knowledgeable, and inspiring people. 
       It has been our pleasure to have umpires, coaches, and athletes from our organization represent Canada at past World Championships in Korea(2004), Australia(2006 Juniors), England(2007), Uruguay World Cup(2009), Korea (2010) and Canada(2012), where we met the challenge of hosting the World Championships. We also had the honor of welcoming our fellow ITF practitioners from around the world to Canada for many sanctioned events hosted by INO # 239, International Instructor Course(2011), International Umpire Couse(2017, The Pan American Championships(2017, The General Choi Centennial Memorial Celebration(2018).  We are proud to say we have sent delegations to Italy(2014), World Cup (Brazil 2015),  England(2016), Argentina(2017 & 2018), Germany(2020), United States(2023), Spain(2023), and most recently The First ITF Sport World Games in Korea(2023). 
The Canadian Elite Taekwon-Do Federation has the honor of being the longest-standing organization historically in Canada under President Choi Jung Hwa.
 We, as an organization, look forward to the future of Taekwon-Do under the leadership of President Choi Jung Hwa!
     Long Live The Legacy Of General Choi Hong Hi!