Phoenix Group

Phoenix Group
# INO 78 (Current): Renew Now
9524 Eby St
Overland Park
United States
[email protected]
ContactSuzan Crochet
PresidentMaster Suzan Crochet
    • The Phoenix Group is an Independent National Organization; one of the International Taekwon-Dos officially recognized national bodies.
    • The Phoenix Group Clubs are owned and taught by internationally certified instructors, linked to the ITF through the Phoenix Group.
    • Our success internationally brings invaluable experience to our local clubs. 
    • The Phoenix Group works primarily on a consensus basis, when possible, eliminating political positions and stressing networking and co-operation.
    • The Phoenix group currently has clubs and instructors residing in Ohio, Alabama, Texas, Missouri, Kansas, Iowa, Alaska, Pensylvania, Peru and Venezuela
    • The Phoenix Group and or its Instructors have been active in President Choi's ITF since 2002, and was in the KTA, ITF or GTF since 1965.