Ricardo Rubén Siracusa

Ricardo Rubén Siracusa
# MO 474 (Current): Renew Now
Diego Paroissien 4655
Ciudad Autonoma
Buenos Aires
011-5411 45416667
[email protected]
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PresidentGrand Master Ricardo Siracusa

Grand Master Ricardo R. Siracusa

     Grand Master Ricardo Siracusa has been faithful to the ITF since his start in Tae Kwon-Do. He is the president and founder of the Sociedad Argentina de Tae Kwon-Do. Promoted by the ITF during the presidency of  General Choi Hong Hi up to his VI degree. He is one of the most senior Masters in Argentina. GM Siracusa was introduced to Martial arts in 1968 by one of the pioneers of Hap-Ki-Do Master Sun Il Lee, in 1973 starts practicing Tae Kwon-Do and in 1978 earns his Black Belt 1º Dan. In the year 1980 he starts to teach and in 1981 opens his first dojang located in Avenida Triunvirato 4575 on Villa Urquiza. The year 2020 marks 40 years of GM Siracusa continuously teaching the martial art of Tae Kwon-Do.

     In 1983 Grand Master Siracusa was promoted by General Choi Hong Hi to 4th Degree and earned his International Instructor Certificate, which placed him among the first to receive this important promotion in Argentina. This promotion authorized him to give tests and grade other Tae Kwon-Do practitioners. The same year he receives the Class A International Umpire graduation. Since that date he has been advancing as an instructor, contributing to the ITF on a national and international level. On the second day of the historical first virtual IIC and IUC December 5th and 6th of 2020 he was promoted to 9th degree.

     He currently provides guidence to Instructors in Argentina, Brazil and USA and dictates classes 3 times a week to his students.

His promotion dates are:

I Dan - 1978 - Administered by Nam Sung Choi

II Dan - 10 Jan 1980 - Administered by Jong Chan Kim

III Dan - 5 Dec 1981 - Administered by Marano and Trajtemberg, authorized by General Choi Hong Hi

IV Dan - 20 Aug 1983 Examined personally by General Choi Hong Hi                                                                             

V Dan - 4 Dec 1991 - Examined personally by General Choi Hong Hi                                                                           

VI Dan - 6 Nov 1997 - Examined personally by General Choi Hong Hi                                                                         

VII Dan - 25 May 2002 - ITF under the presidency of GM Choi Jung Hwa                                                                       

VIII Dan - 10 Oct 2009 - ITF under the presidency of GM Choi Jung Hwa                                                                           

IX Dan - 06 Dec 2020 - ITF under the presidency of GM Choi Jung Hwa