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Instructor Certified?
Instructor / Examiner
In addition to a 4th degree or above cert, Instructors must have passed an IIC to grade students and apply for ITF Certification.

If your unsure please ask to see the Instructor's qualifications. Any reputable ITF Instructor is proud to display the above.

Organisation Certified?
ITF Clubs
If your organisation is in good standing with the ITF they will be listed on our web and have one or both of the following on display:

If your unsure please ask to see the Instructor's and Club's qualifications. Any reputable ITF Clubs or Instructors are proud to display the above.


BackTo all members of the ITF The ITF under President Choi Jung Hwa has undertaking an initiative where we will be re producing the 2014 Condensed Encyclopaedia of Taekwon-Do.

24th October 2013

 At this time, we are asking which Country would like to participate in the Photography area. If you are interested in taking part in this initiative, please contact Master Parm Rai, Technical Chairman of the ITF at [email protected]. Each participating country will be assigned pages from the 1999 Condensed Book where you will be responsible for replacing the pictures that are currently in the 1999 book. You will be given exact instructions depending on the pages that are assigned. Please take note of the following requirements for taking the pictures which must be used to keep the pictures looking professional.



The backdrop or background must be black and extend down onto the floor (minimum 7 ft. across, 8 ft. in height from top to floor and 5-7 ft. train; please refer to attached image for reference).


Photo must be shot in accordance to Encyclopaedia photo (whether full length, 3/4 length, half etc.), if full length ensure there is plenty of room around subject when photo is taken for editing purposes.



*Refer to image for ideal light set up* Two light set is ideal, both at roughly 45˚ angles to the subject and about 1.5-2 meters away from subject allowing space in the middle for camera set up. Professional lights are best from constant output but construction lights or spot lamps can be used. Diffusers must be used to create a soft, spread light.

Professionally soft box can be rented with professional lighting systems otherwise hang a white bed sheet about 1 foot in front of light to soften the light. If the sheet is too thick it will block the light too much or vice-verse. If in the least artificial lighting is not available, natural light can be used, but subject details must be clear and not over exposed.



Subject should be shot at about chest height to ensure proper visual execution of technique. Unless image is required to be shot at an angle according to the Encyclopaedia, no image should be shot from a downward or upward angle. Tripod is suggested for novice or amateur "photographers" to ensure minimal blur or angle to the image.


Image Quality:

Camera being used should be no less than 12 megapixels. Shot at the best quality. No added contrast or saturation to image, image must be true and exact to real life as much as possible.

The use of a professional photographer or photography student is suggested for better understanding of these guidelines otherwise the basics: do not under or over expose the image (make too dark or too bright), ensure subject is in focus as much as possible! Use the Encyclopaedia and any instruction given for exactness and reference to producing proper images and placing subject.


Sending Images:

Send photos as Large JPG, the highest quality possible. Image does not need to be bigger than 10-12 megabytes.


Ideally, if you choose to participate, you will select a group of Black Belt instructors and students who will be able to imitate the exact pose as the picture in the pages assigned.


As time is very important in the completion of this large project in a timely fashion, I ask that you respond to me quickly so we can start the project.


Thanking you in advance.

Master Parm Rai

Special assistant to Pres. Choi

Technical Chairman of ITF.

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