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BackChinese New Year

9th February 2013

We are all familiar with the word Taekwon-Do and like to think that we are following the art's philosophy as well as its techniques.

I would like to introduce to you a word Taekwon-Sul. "Sul" literally means Technique.

Most, if not all of us know and practice the Sul part of Taekwon-Do. "Do" as we know connotates the "way". The way in martial arts does not mean the diagram of a pattern, exercise routine, dietary method, nor the ceremonial gestures. It is a way that has been paved by saints and sages of the past.

The right way, the correct way, the honest way, the just way, the sacrificial way....the way to be good is endless.

To be always "Do" abiding is not only during training in the dojang but an endless endeavour which must be shown through action in our daily lives. Living the "Do" is not only thinking about it or being able to define the meaning of "Do" but by trying to rid of negative thoughts such as ego, greed, selfishness, fame, etc. The practice of "Do" is in fact 24/7. As humans, with much desires and wants, this is not an easy task. But one MUST commit themselves to this idea in order to even pretend to be a Taekwon"Do" practitioner.

Not everyone starts this art for the "Do" sake. Some are satisfied with learning the self-defence aspect, some to control weight problems, while mothers train to gain self-confidence... the individual reasons vary. However for those who continue beyond the physical and towards the "unseen" may be considered "serious" and "dedicated" to the art.

Too often and too many confuse the "Sul" as the "Do". Unfortunately whether in the west or in Asia, "Do" is being lost in modern times. Most practice the technical part not only in Taekwon-Do but in all other martial arts. I have on many occasions stressed that we understand, learn, practice, and exhibit the very essence of Taekwon martial art.

We must think of the sacred and difficult "Do" every moment that we are awake. I'm sure my Father would teach "not only when awake but even during sleep!" Tonight before sleep, I would like our good members to revisit the" Do" world and think quietly 'am I really pursuing the "DO" or am I just another wannabe?'

I wish all members good health and much achievement this year.

Happy New Year Taekwon-Do Family.




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