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BackInternational Military Athletic Commission (CISM)

3rd October 2011

This report has been automatically translated from the Korean original, which can be found at the bottom. The view-ability will be dependant on your browsers settings.

- ITF Taekwondo towards further integration prospects 
- choejunghwa governor seemed to lead them to the power

 From left ohchangjin (ITF Secretary-General of Korea), bakjongsu (CISM ITF integration initiatives chair), imseongseop (CISM Taekwondo governor), choejunghwa (ITF President), Riga, two (ITF Vice President), yiyuseon (USA ITF representatives of Education).

International Military Athletic Commission (CISM) World Military Taekwondo Federation under the (governor imseongseop) This ITF-style taekwondo decided to accept.

The 11th World Military Taekwondo ITF Taekwondo in Sheraton Walker Hill Hotel in Seoul to open an international seminar held in Ho Chi Minh City in October next year, CISM Taekwondo ITF at the World Congress of the frame (Poomsae) sector has decided to adopt as an official event.Realizing that a soldier named Tae Kwon Do Self Defense sector with guns and knives are also added.

Accordingly, the CISM Taekwondo, the WTF way duel, Poomsae (frame) method of the ITF, will proceed in an integrated way of self-defense.

In this meeting, including the governor, ITF Taekwondo ITF choejunghwa pioneer bakjongsu (Canada), yiyuseon (USA) and attended the Normal. Education, especially the ITF taekwondo pioneer bakjongsu jangung Group ITF ITF's former deputy material is a key figure. Normal bakjongsu the CISM Tae Kwon Do this as an opportunity to attend a meeting called 'forward' and is evaluated to be formulated.

Accordingly choejunghwa Group, jangung Group, teurangkwan group thirds and ITF taekwondo system was maintained tense balance of dance on the occasion of this decision to the CISM pyeonggada choejunghwagye that tilted towards.

Non-Korean Taekwondo ITF-oriented teurangkwan teurangkwanui last year has been shocked by the death. Pablo teurangkwan Travelers Inn is a bug since the governor is responsible for operating the advantage of being democratic, but internationally, there is no justification for that representative ITF Taekwondo, Taekwondo has been ruled out suzerain point is regarded as a great weakness.

ITF jangung Kim Dae-jung, Roh Moo-hyun government was active in the days when some forces in the country was collapsing, in fact, an international sports organization views as an overly large influence in North Korea except that the forces have become an obstacle to expansion. Held in Pyongyang on Sept. jangung ITF World Championships in the future of the tournament is expected to be predictable.

2008 'ITF Taekwondo Volver' is our motto. Choejunghwa governor after arriving in Korea, currently engaged in the most active in the choejunghwa ITF triggered by a decision of this CISM Taekwondo ITF international integration of the forces occupied in the lucrative birthright are estimated.

WTF Taekwondo ITF taekwondo is no exception, but especially in the history of the relationship between politics influenced the view that, when the current government and South Korea maintain a flexible relationship and look forward to a more powerful choejunghwa ITF is likely to be published.

Original Article can be found here.

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