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BackTul Tour

28th April 2011

“TUL TOUR® -1” – Action plan

Dear Taekwon-Do Friends,

It is my great pleasure to inform you that based on the expression of interest we have a sufficient number of participants who (if committed) will allow our “TUL TOUR® -1”program to succeed.  The participants have derived from various parts of the World which will make our tour even a greater intercultural experience in the cradle of Taekwondo.

Therefore, please find attached:

1.      “TUL TOUR® -1” provisional program, which will give you a more detailed information with dates, times and what will happen when you come to Korea, Download Here

2.      “TUL TOUR® -1” registration form, which you must complete and sent to us. This will be a base to receive an official invitation to Korea to be a part of our program, Download Here

3.      “Action plan” which in a simple “step way” will guide you how to successfully register for the “TUL TOUR® -1”. Download Here

A special “TUL TOUR®”web site will be launched approximately in the middle of May where you will see all updates, reports about locations, training etc. Moreover, we have been conducting talks with television stations and government authorities who are interested in our program and may provide assistance and promotions.

“TUL TOUR® -1” – Action plan

Step 1: Fill in clearly “TUL TOUR® -1” registration form (attached) with all necessary details and a short questionnaire. We need to know how to contact you, what are your dietary requirements, accommodation preferences, whether you are physically fit to participate in “TUL TOUR® -1” all activities or whether we need to create a special mini program for you. Please send the completed form not later than before the 6th May 2011 (the earlier the better).

Step 2: Make full payment of $1850USD to the following bank account (see below) before the 6th May 2011 and send us an e-mail informing us about the transaction.

Step 3:  Upon the completion of steps 1 and 2, we will send you an official invitation to Korea to participate in our program and we will be updating you with the progress.


Bank account details:

BENEFICIARY CUSTOMER NAME: International Taekwondo Federation

BANK NAME: Korea Exchange Bank

BRANCH NAME: Dunsan Branch

BANK ADDRESS: 965, Dunsan 2-dong, Seo-gu, Daejeon 302-828, Korea


ACCOUNT NUMBER: 650-007673-479


For further questions and information please do not hesitate to contact Dr Zibby Kruk on [email protected]


We are looking forward to welcome you in Korea and spend a fantastic time together training and experiencing Korean culture and life.



Dr Zibby Kruk

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