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Back“TUL TOUR(R) -1” in Korea, expression of interest - deadline extended

1st April 2011

Dear Taekwon-Do Friends, We are finalizing arrangements for “TUL TOUR® -1”, a training-cultural event in Korea. As announced earlier, in order to go ahead with this event we need to have a minimum number of participants to obtain the best deals for group touring. At this point we are still missing a few participants to reach this number.

Therefore, we are extending the deadlines for:

Expression of interest to the 17th of April 2011,

Final payment for the event to the 6th of May 2011

Additionally, we are extending the tour for one more day (from 26th June to 5th July – 9 days) which has become possible after discussions with the Jeju Island government representatives. Therefore, you will enjoy one extra day of holiday on this beautiful island for the same price.

However, if we do not have sufficient numbers of participants by the above dates we will postpone this event to a later time this year.

Important highlights of the “TUL TOUR® -1”

  • It has been designed for everyone, regardless of age, rank or whether practicing Taekwondo or not,
  • It will be intensive in terms of travel, activities and training, but you will gain a unique experience about Korean culture by being a part of the action,
  • You will receive a professionally designed photo album from the tour, picturing you in beautiful sceneries of various places in Korea, as well as selected pictures will be utilized in Taekown-Do publications which are now in preparation, and
  • You will enjoy the exotic beauty of the volcanic Jeju Island, a place listed as an UNESCO World Heritage Site.

For further questions and information please do not hesitate to contact Dr Zibby Kruk on [email protected]

We are looking forward to welcome you in Korea and spend a fantastic time together training and experiencing Korean culture and life.

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Dr Zibby Kruk
ITF Research

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