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1st January 2007

As we see the year 2007 appear on our calendars, it is undoubtedly a welcome sight to some who are hoping for a "good year".  A person who is trying to find and live within the "Do" should not fall prey to such thinking. Are we to believe that we are powerless on our journey through life? Our training has taught us that if we identify an area where improvement is needed, there are exercises that will provide that improvement.

As the ITF moves towards the end of the new millennium's first decade, our strength grows. The rebirth of our beloved Federation is quickly becoming history and, now more than ever, we look to the future. Modern practitioners will now be asked to become visionaries, to use their minds and ambitions to shape the future of the Federation as the current generation of seniors have. This past year will be remembered fondly in the minds of all those who participated in the Junior World Championships held in Australia by Mr. Michael Muleta. 2007 is a World Championship year with a return to the 2004 format made so popular in Korea. The ITF world is working diligently towards preparing athletes to bring glory to their countries and honour their Instructors. For those who believe it is time to take their objectives from theory to application, I encourage you to inform yourselves regarding procedures in these matters. Become familiar with the different departments of the ITF and take an active approach. The strength of the new ITF has been our ability to collaborate and shape good ideas into great ones.
No one in the ITF is powerless in affecting change. The future is shaped by the efforts made in the present. Focus, commitment, confidence and discipline are the pillars of self improvement. Make 2007 the year of empowerment, the year you stop letting change affect you and start affecting change.
Yours in Taekwon-Do,
Choi, Jung Hwa, IX Dan

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