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21st July 2009

At a recent ITF Executive meeting, and in regard to our rapid expansion resulting in new member countries, the Secretary General expressed concern as to his remit to both the ITF Executive and our members.  He is concerned that much of his time is spent enforcing the rules and regulations that are in place and frequently abused by member country organisations who, when signing up to be in membership of the ITF, are clearly advised of the requirements.  To reiterate, member country organisations are in membership of the ITF by way of an INO.  It is the clear direction from ITF Executive that an INO which conforms to all rules and supplies the art of Taekwon-Do as our President would expect should not be compromised by another group that merely verbally fulfils the minimum criteria or has a personal ambition.  The ITF will always struggle with egos and this sometimes can simply be due to the fighting spirit gained when practising Taekwon-Do.  However, the absolute clear direction and aims of President Choi and the ITF Executive is to revisit our roots, promote the need for a continual hunger to learn and recognise the necessity to be always a good student, a knowledgeable teacher, patient instructor and a wise mentor.

Following this ITF Executive statement  will be a memorandum from Membership Services once again detailing the requirements to be an INO.  Membership Services are not in a position to alter, reduce or discount membership fees or certificate applications, nor adjust requirements.  Any specific consideration required by a member country organisation must be made in writing to the Secretary General, who will assess the application with the ITF Executive.  On many occasions, enforcement of INO obligations has been seen to be personal and yet, when INOs have met their obligations, these personal thoughts rapidly disappear.  This, the ITF Executive feels, is due to knowingly trying to bypass the rules.

Our ITF currently thrives in its success primarily due to our President and the support of our long serving member country organisations.  It would be naive of us to adjust our policies and development on the say-so or want of a group or individual requiring membership on their terms.  ITF Administration will update Membership Services regularly with current membership reports, on which they will act accordingly.

ITF Executive

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