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BackA note of appreciation

19th April 2020

Masters, Members, Instructors, Families and Friends


This pandemic is now at many different stages around the world.  Some countries are coming out of lockdown, albeit partially, and others are just entering.  My first observation before I refer to our joint responsibilities is what a remarkable and outstanding job all of you have undertaken to serve your members.  It is certainly clear that you have acted generously and passionately in attempting to reach your members by way of pre-recorded workouts or indeed live tuition.  But more exemplary is the way you have recognised that whilst the Taekwon-Do, for many of us, is our livelihood, but for all is an income to cover marginal costs, you have reached out and relied on your members to offer and contribute if they have the ability to do so in many ways, from time, IT support or, indeed, financial but at no time have you restricted your tuition to any of your members.  I am humbled by these actions as it has proven to the ITF Executive that beyond all doubt, Taekwon-Do is being taught by you by whatever means with ‘Do’ being the weapon of choice.


Whilst I recognise that you can feel very isolated and alone, the strength and care you are showing by adhering to the rules of distancing and hygiene are the most powerful evidence of your want to connect and stand together with a vision of returning to active classes as and when.


I continually read, see and hear of many selfless activities by you, your members and all your families and invite you to submit these stories to the ITF for inclusion within our media to celebrate these actions at a time of so much sadness for those who have lost loved ones.


We are very much at the beginning of this pandemic and many seminars and championships have been cancelled and until such time as we are all confident that we are in a position to congregate for such events, we will not be confirming any dates or arrangements at this time albeit it will be the ITF’s want to organise some remote activities to support and assist our instructors, and in turn our members. 


There is no alternative to what we need to be doing currently.  We must follow all national government guidelines which requires patience and self-discipline, all of which are in our make-up.  I am confident that we can contribute towards our communities where we have schools and clubs, to their return in due course.


I personally very much sympathise with all of you, as many of you will be aware, I am also both a gym and dojang owner and these facilities have been closed at this time.


I welcome ideas and thoughts from all of our national organisations on how you feel the ITF can support you further at this time.  Stay safe and well.  Your positivity and your actions are already proven, for which I thank you.




Choi Trevor Nicholls

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