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BackReport of C. J. Oh convicted of forgery of ITF certificates

11th June 2016

It has been reported in the Korean press that the former Secretary-General (C.J. Oh) of Korea Branch of the International Taekwon-Do Federation forged Dan certificates and was fined.

The fact that he swindled 600 people out of 160 million won by receiving fees for selling forged Dan certificates was revealed.

Kang Jae Gyu [email protected]

Registered at 2016.06.08 16:49:11

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▲ This is the website of ITF. This site provides the official confirmation notices about Dan certificates issued and the man on the top right (right) of the picture is the president, Choi Jung Hwa.

.The former Secretary-General of Korea Branch of the International Taekwon-Do Federation (ITF), Chang-Jin Oh (47), was sentenced to a fine because he admitted his guilt in the forgery of Dan certificates (the forgery of a copyrighted document).

 The defendant, Chang-Jin Oh ( C.J.Oh)

Hye-Rin Lee, the judge of Daejeon District Court, said that the allegation of forgery of Dan certificates copyrighted by this Federation (the forgery of a copyrighted document) was proven and the judge ruled and sentenced him to a fine about 3 million won on 8th.

The judgement was made 1 year and 3 months after the defendant, Mr. Oh, was brought to formal trial accused of forgery.

When Mr. Oh served as the Secretary-General of Korea branch of the International Taekwon-Do Federation, he governed the business of delivering Dan certificates and those of Referees issued by the ITF Secretariat (located on United Kingdom, its’ president Jung-Hwa Choi) whilst acting as grading and course examiner.

Mr. Oh was formally charged in March 2015 after the prosecution was brought in May 2014 that, since 2002, he swindled a total of 600 black belts out of 160 million won in respect of fees paid for the issue of Dan certificates, failing to transfer fees due to ITF Headquarters, the forgery and issue of Dan certificates in the name of the president, Jung-Hwa Choi, to applicants despite the fact that he was dismissed from his post in 2011 because he was involved in various civil and criminal cases.

His forgery, issue and theft of fees for Dan certificates was brought to light when students and masters contacted ITF Headquarters to check their training history on the website. 

Initially, Mr. Oh alleged in a statement to the prosecution and in trial made the statement that he issued forged certificates at the suggestion of the president, Choi Jung Hwa.  However, more recently, he claimed that Mr. Yu, on staff at the Federation Secretariat as Deputy Secretary-General at that time, issued the certificates arbitrarily.  However, the justice department conferred the fine on him, saying that the final testimony of the defendant, Chang-Jin Oh, did not stand up against that of the president, Choi Jung Hwa.

The former Secretary-General of Korea Branch of the International Taekwon-Do Federation pursued a counter claim that the organisation’s president, Choi Jung Hwa, saying that he was guilty of trademark violations using the mark of the International Taekwondo Federation.  The court dismissed the case at the time.

The ITF has offered to assist victims who received forged Dan certificates by issuing genuine certificates and encouraging the promotion of ITF Taekwon-Do throughout the world.

ITF are holding the World Championships 2016 in the United Kingdom from July 26 to 31, and the Asian Championships 2017 will be held in Korea.

Mr. Oh accused the president Choi for the trademark violation. The mark defines the ITF brand which was created by the founder of Taekwon-Do, General Choi Hong-Hi, in 1955 and it has been used ever since.  Mr. Oh, born in 1969, claimed that the mark was created by him?!

Ching-Jin Oh has never trained in ITF Taekwondo or achieved a Dan certificate of Dan and is not familiar with any ITF Tul.  Recently, he created a group named ITF Korea HQ with Zibby Kruk from Australia.  Mr Kruk assisted Mr. Oh, Rudolph Kang from Russia and Lee Jong-Mok from Japan in the production of their own certificate and arranging their Tul Tour business.  C.J. Oh has claimed that he is the ITF President and conducts promotional activities.  He is using ITF Taekwon-Do for his own benefit without any relationship to the International Taekwon-Do Federation.

▲ Chang-Jin Oh’s Facebook


ITF, under the presidency of Choi Jung Hwa, son of the Founder, provides orthodox Taekwon-Do, ‘NOT’ to be altered, copied or used for personal gain.

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