Taekwon-Do Day

This last year has seen the cautious reopening of many Taekwon-Do clubs as we learn to live with COVID-19.  Sadly, we share the loss of clubs have been lost to the ravages of the pandemic. The economic turmoil every country is now struggling with continues to bring challenges to our domestic and Taekwon-Do communities.

Our shared experiences during these turbulent times have highlighted the many benefits we gain through our practise and community in Taekwon-Do.

Let us appreciate the physical and mental wellbeing we gain from training, that training together is better, that our Taekwon-Do friendships and care matter most in times of adversity.

Happy birthday Taekwon-Do, a genuine cause for celebration!

President Choi Jung Hwa and ITF Executive

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Added: 11th April 2022
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