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Many of you will have noticed Facebook posts on various social media platforms advising that Master Rai has resigned from the ITF.


All and any resignations are disappointing for any organisation.  When a member, such as Master Rai, who has worked hard within an organisation departs, they go with sincere good wishes and every success whatever their future direction. It is every member’s right to resign and should not degenerate into a ‘who is at fault’ debate. 


The biggest injury is to the president of the organisation, in this case Choi Jung Hwa, when they have listened to their members’ appeals of ‘why don’t you share the responsibility of delivering Taekwon-Do around the world; we will take your message and deliver it globally and ensure that all our practitioners are practising technique and/or philosophy as you would.”  The injury is not only to the President or the member leaving, but more to all of our members who will not be given the opportunity to travel and share their President’s message because their (the president’s) trust has been abused by their representatives making their own personal allegiance with members they have had contact with for and on behalf of the President.  This broken trust affects every other relationship.


It is worth remembering that whilst we work hard within an organisation, on its behalf, it is not the individual who has raised the organisation’s profile but the organisation which has trusted and permitted the individual to represent the organisation, raising their personal profile.  The ITF should always be able to rely on the integrity of its members and officers both when you are in direct membership of or associated with the ITF.


The ITF is a home for all genuine Taekwon-Do practitioners whether currently in, left or returning.  At all times do try not to confuse rules and regulations willingly and knowingly agreed to when in membership with a bending, swerving or breaking of those rules being referred to as ‘politics’.


ITF Executive

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Added: 7th February 2021
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