In celebration of Gen Choi and Taekwon-Do

President Choi, on behalf of the whole Choi family, would like to thank everybody who has sent their good wishes to us for General Choi's birthday.

On this, the 102nd anniversary of the birth of the Founder of Taekwon-Do, Gen Choi Hong Hi, we can truly appreciate his vision and legacy.  The Choi family would like to use this date as your platform to celebrate the great work you have done over the years, but more significantly, in the last eight months of this pandemic.  You as instructors and members of the ITF, now more than ever, understand that Taekwon-Do is about self-development and achievement.  With this understanding it has become very clear how you have adapted all of your skills into your communities and Taekwon-Do dojangs in being a source of confidence, leadership and stability.  We of course thank Gen Choi for first providing the world with Taekwon-Do, giving every individual an ability to achieve; now his legacy allows these achievements to be sustained over and over again.

The whole world has been stricken by the impact of this COVID-19 pandemic but there is evidence that our collective efforts will result in finding medical solutions to manage, reduce and, hopefully, eliminate the spread of the virus.  In its most challenging experiences, the human race comes together, acknowledging our commonalities and differences, pooling our intellect and resources, confirming our dependence upon each other to achieve a positive outcome for all of us.

It is important for us all to stay strong but equally important for us to share this strength, leadership and positivity.

Happy birthday, Gen Choi.



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