A message to all ITF Instructors, Students, Friends and Families

Taekwon-Do Instructors, Students, Friends and Families

In follow-up to our President’s message, I am in receipt of so many messages detailing the humanity, care and selflessness of many of our members and instructors but in this pandemic, our role as ITF practitioners and deliverers of an activity plays an important and supportive role to all those front line workers who are dedicated to addressing the needs of their families, communities and countries.

The International Taekwon-Do Federation reaches as many cities as this virus has managed to.  Each and every one of our homes of residence is under the direction and guidance of our own local government and health partners.  Whilst there may be variances on actions, lockdowns, movement, there are some things that are common to all and this is where I ask each of you to play your part.

Countries are all at different stages, some well into lockdown, others just starting.  With the closure of our dojangs, contact with our members either Executive to INOs and MOs, and thereafter to their instructors and their members, via social media has become the norm for both tuition and communication.  It is within this area that I would both request and require that in these communications, we reiterate the importance of implementing the common guidance of hygiene, social distancing, staying at home, avoiding unnecessary journeys in either closing or opening statements.

As this message reaches many of you, I am aware that the virus will have sadly taken someone you know.  No words from me will ease that pain but, as our President’s message initially requested, our actions must be our words, and our members recognise that we care by being considerate, patient and giving.  Communication between each other I am sure will be welcomed and as the weeks move on, let’s not weaken or become complaisant in our joint efforts to combat this virus.


Choi Trevor Nicholls

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