A message to ITF Members

2020 has brought many unexpected and difficult challenges to us all.

The COVID-19 virus has affected every continent, country, city and town.  ITF is an organisation, a world organisation at that.  Taekwon-Do is the activity that we do but as members and instructors, we are uniquely connected with our communities in the provision of a martial art to offer not only physical activity, but health and mental wellbeing.   

The Founder, Gen Choi Hong Hi, came from a background of hardship, fear and oppression, and challenged all these by developing a physical strength by both training in a martial art, which provided the foundation of Taekwon-Do, and also that of calligraphy, calm, perfection and grace.

Gen Choi’s ability to combine his own integrity with the martial art and the precision of calligraphy attracted many people to both follow and be motivated by him.  The recognition by so many people of his ability resulted in the birth of Taekwon-Do, quickly followed by the formation of an international Taekwon-Do federation.

Little did we know that those same foundation blocks would now be required for the situation we find ourselves in today.  The COVID-19 virus in itself is causing hardship, fear and oppression to all our members, their families, friends and colleagues.  It is important that we all come together to fight this disease and this in principle is done by ensuring that we all adhere to our countries’ health organisation instructions.

As members, I ask that you listen to your instructors, who are in turn taking advice from all partners in fighting this disease; as instructors, it is now incumbent on you to lead by example, calm and reassure your members and as community clubs offer, without risk to yourselves, help to those within your community who may need it.

The next few weeks will be both demanding and challenging for everybody and I ask you all to be kind, be careful and look forward to the reopening of all your schools when we can return to both the teaching and learning of Taekwon-Do.

I will be in contact again as and when our World Health Organisation or our national health services make any statements, changes or recommendations.

At this time, please be considerate, patient and giving.

Choi Jung Hwa

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Added: 25th March 2020
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