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2019 has been a busy year for the ITF:  new members joining, current groups reforming, national and international events (competitions, courses, seminars, promotions).  To fulfil the Founder’s vision, the ITF must continue to develop and grow, embracing change in this new era and generating a culture of trust, harmony, shared goals and transparency.  The next generation should be encouraged to take up roles, gain experience and learn from the collective wisdom available within the senior ranks.  It is so important that our history is not lost whilst we forge new pathways, that the learning along the way helps shape the future.  As in many other walks of life, the Taekwon-Do family and organisations can benefit from recognising our similarities and celebrating our differences, acknowledging that new blood, new ideas, new technology may feel uncomfortable and create challenges but they are opportunities for growth.  As a global family, we have a role to play in being efficient and conserving resources to ensure the preservation of our fragile planet, being mindful when planning and delivering events.  The turning of the year gives us each occasion to reflect on what we have achieved, what we have learned so that we can work together better in the future, conscious that our individual actions impact and reflect on the whole.  Those of us who had the privilege of training with Gen Choi will remember his humility as well as his skill, knowledge and understanding.  Let us arm and strengthen ourselves with the same quality and the hope that 2020 brings each and every one of us less discord and more peace, harmony and fulfilment.

Choi Jung Hwa

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