Remembering the Founder

Today, all practitioners of Taekwon-Do, celebrate the birthday of Gen Choi Hong Hi.

Choi Jung Hwa and the ITF family constistently work to keep Gen Choi's legacy pure, and the organisation ITF he presided over until his passing, strong; this in spite of the actions of those whom Gen Choi trusted in their misuse and misrepresentation of his legacy.  It is a great personal pain and disappointment for Choi Jung Hwa that he feels his father would be turning in his grave in witnessing so many people purporting to be ITF, in total disregard and without conscience of Gen Choi Hong Hi's wishes.  Take this opportunity to reflect, if you are a parent and worked tirelessly to bring such a respected art to so many, how can it be even considered that the bloodline not be recognised and respected in continuing with the father's legacy?

On this occasion, the ITF would like to inform our members, and the world, that the actions of these individuals will be recorded in history with infamy and shame and, even if they may no longer be living, their descendents will carry the sad burden of their betrayal.  Gen Choi was a man of justice, and justice will be done.

Members who have contributed to the art and the ITF are honoured and these names will go down proudly in history.

Happy birthday to a great man, a husband, a father, a grandfather and the father of Taekwon-Do.

 ITF Executive

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