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In addition to a 4th degree or above cert, Instructors must have passed an IIC to grade students and apply for ITF Certification.

If your unsure please ask to see the Instructor's qualifications. Any reputable ITF Instructor is proud to display the above.

Organisation Certified?
ITF Clubs
If your organisation is in good standing with the ITF they will be listed on our web and have one or both of the following on display:

If your unsure please ask to see the Instructor's and Club's qualifications. Any reputable ITF Clubs or Instructors are proud to display the above.


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4th ITF Training camp & Black Belt Grading
14th Jan 2009
4th ITF Training camp & Black Belt Grading was held from 25-27 December 2008 at the capital Kathmandu. The event was successfully organized by Taekwondo (ITF)...
Written By: Taekwondo (ITF) Nepal
Comments: 1
Master Galarraga Seminars hosted by ITF Ireland
7th Jan 2009
Master Nestor Galarraga VIII, President of the ITF Tournament Committee and President of the TAA (Taekwon-Do Associacion Argentina) recently travelled to Ireland in order to conduct...
Written By: Mr. Shane Fitzgibbon.
International Umpire and Referee's Course
7th Jan 2009
An ITF Interational Umpire and Referee's Course was recently held in the Oriel House Hotel, Ballincollig, Cork Ireland. This was the second time that Master Galarraga...
Written By: Mr. Diarmuid McSweeney
Seminar in Dortmund, Germany 15th. March 2009, WTF and ITF
6th Jan 2009
Following the slogan "WE are One" GM Whang Chae Pok and Master Peter Sanders agreed to hold a mutual seminar which shall take place in Dortmund...
Written By: Mr. Fimiani
The International Irish Championships 2008
19th Dec 2008
The International Irish Championships 2008. The 2008 edition of the International Irish Championships was organised by Patricia Dalton (V) and was held in Neptune Stadium, Cork...
Written By: Mr. John Riordan, Photos by Mr. Robert O' Shea
Master Wheatley Visits East Coast, USA
26th Nov 2008
Black Belt Grading and Technical Seminar
Written By: Nicholas Malefyt
Master Nicholls Seminar (Malaysia)
30th Oct 2008
Report from Master Nicholls recent seminar held in Malaysia.
JOHOR BARU: For Chinese national Liu Guo Fu, a chance to learn from renowned International Taekwondo Federation (ITF)...
Written By: JOHOR BARU
Comments: 1
Master Wheatley Seminar
25th Sep 2008
For the eighth time in eight years, eighth degree black belt, Master Robert Wheatley visited Newtown Mount Kennedy, County Wicklow, to chair a Black Belt Grading...
Written By: Adrian Yeates
4th Sep 2008
Written By: European TKD Championships
President Choi IIC in Ireland
4th Sep 2008
This was to be the second International Instructors course with Master Choi in Cork and the excitement was palpable. Organized by Mrs. Patricia Dalton to an...
Written By: Ms. Sandra Doyle
Comments: 1
Taekwon-Do I.T.F. (South Korea)
19th Aug 2008
The quantity and quality of the I.T.F.’s practitioners in South Korea has grown in a surprising way in the last years: over 800 instructors, from fourth...
Written By: Master Galarraga
Master Seminar with President Choi
18th Aug 2008
The Master Seminar was a great experience, and the following highlights of the event are for those who were unable to attend, and those who are interested...
Written By: Gordon Jue
Comments: 1
Down under seminar with Master Robert Wheatley
12th Aug 2008
Master Robert Wheatley’s Down Under Seminar and 6th Degree Grading on behalf of Authentic Taekwon-Do Australia.
Written By: Master Jamie Moore
Comments: 1
Master Class Seminar in Reno
11th Aug 2008
On 2nd August Master Wheatley and US-ITF hosted a Master Class seminar conducted by ITF President Choi Jung Hwa and assisted by Master Nicholls and Master...
Written By: Laurie Cornwell
Master Trevor Nicholls Visits Island Taekwon-Do Centre, Singapore
8th Aug 2008
During the last week of July ‘Island Taekwon-Do Centre’ was privileged to have the presence of Master Trevor Nicholls “8th Degree Black Belt” & ITF Secretary...
Written By: Mr James de Vroome, 6th Gup, ITF Singapore
International Instructors Course at Missouri
23rd Jul 2008
Master Nicholls was met with a huge reception as we entered the hall in which the IIC was to be conducted. After several minutes waiting for...
Written By: Laurie Cornwell
U.T.A. Black Belt Seminar with Master Nicholls, 21st June 2008, Letchworth, UK
25th Jun 2008
“The seminar was exciting, Master Nicholls, with his awesome power demolishing bricks by touch of his hand was pure Taekwon-Do technique at its best” – Mr...
Written By: Andrew Botwright
Africa Project
19th Jun 2008
For many years the African continent was a bit player in the fortunes of the ITF. There were a few smatterings of schools across the continent...
Written By: S. Fitzgibbon
Comments: 2
Master Rai Visits Pennsylvania, USA
5th Jun 2008
Master Rai
Written By: Rich Hollenbach, Cashatt's TaeKwon-Do
4th Jun 2008
Seminar in Slavonski Brod , city in Croatia near Bosnian border was one of best experience in our martial arts life. Master Sanders was bring part...
Written By: Dominik Maduna IV
Comments: 1
Successful Grading to 1st. DAN in Darios TKD School
2nd Jun 2008
Convincing efforts, especially demonstrated in skill by Karola Kilian 50 years, Power Test with 3 boards 3,5 cm thick p.p and Ursula Kraft, 65 years with...
Written By: Jürgen Kariger
Comments: 1
22nd May 2008
When our group decided to rejoin as an affiliate member to the Imperial England a few months ago, we made contact with Master Harry from the...
Written By: Chris Snow
Comments: 2
Master Robert Wheatley Seminar
21st May 2008
On Saturday, May 17, 2008, Orion Taekwondo hosted Master Robert Wheatley in a one day-long seminar. The event was attended by students from all across Western...
Written By: Orion Taekwondo
Comments: 1
1st China International Instructors Course, 2008
23rd Apr 2008
The 1st China International Instructors Course, jointly hosted by ITF Greater China (INO335), ITF Hong Kong (INO140) and ITF Malaysia (INO068), was held in Zhuhai, China...
Written By: Organising Committee
Comments: 1
Master Maidana Returns To Ireland
16th Apr 2008
The eagerly awaited return of Master Maidana to his second home was worth the wait. Master Maidana again travelled the entire Irish country conducting eight work...
Written By: Mr. John Riordan
ITF World's Junior Male II Degree Patterns
31st Mar 2008
On behalf of the organising committee I have uploaded this video "Junior Male...
Written By: ITF Administration
Canadian Elite Welcomes Master Galarraga to Canada
18th Mar 2008
Umpire Course
Written By: Tine Ford
Imperial Taekwon-Do Host Master Jose Maidana Workshop.
7th Mar 2008
Master Jose Maidana VII, National Coach for Argentina flew over to London to train with Imperial students. Accompanied by Mr Dalton VI (IUTF) a training session...
Written By: Mark Skyrme
Comments: 1
ITF World's Junior Male I Degree Patterns
27th Feb 2008
On behalf of the organising committee I have uploaded this video "Junior Male...
Written By: ITF Administration
Comments: 2
Master Wheatley Conducts Specialty Seminar in Historic Cashel, Ireland
20th Feb 2008
Master Robert N. Wheatley from Reno, Nevada, USA, travelled to Cashel, Ireland, October 13, 2007 to conduct a Master Specialty Seminar and black belt testing. Master...
Written By: Carol J. Van Zile
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