On Sunday 26th June, the L.T.S.I. held its’ second annual seminar at Mr. Snows’ St. Albans School. Hosted by Mr. Snow, Chairman of the L.T.S.I., the guest Master was once again Master Nicholls, 8th Degree Secretary General of the I.T.F.

The seminar commenced at 11.15am for juniors as young as five years old and up to a maximum of nine years old. Mr. Curpen, 1st Degree, was asked to warm the juniors up in preparation for the Masters’ arrival.

At 11.25am, Master Nicholls arrived with Mr. Hollingsworth, 4th Degree, who would be assisting him during the seminar due to an injury he had sustained a few weeks before.

The first 45 minutes was purely for the youngsters, and to clarify that technique was more important than power during kicking drills.

At 12.15pm, the remaining 35 colour belts were called into the hall and lined up by Mr. Snow, alongside the other L.T.S.I. Black Belts.

Master Nicholls spent a few minutes explaining that the seminar was not to destroy the members’ confidence or undermine their current skills, but to explain things such as application of movements and proper body usage on kicking and blocking drills.

During the session Mr. Hollingsworth was used to demonstrate kicking and blocking techniques and lines on kicks – the members were amazed at the power that can be achieved by using proper technique and I.T.F. training methods, even for a small framed person.

At 1pm, the micro juniors were presented with the certificates of attendance from Master Nicholls and dismissed. Moving onto the senior section, this would consist of application of power using the side kick and turning kick. While the five Black Belts held the shields, the members were put into five lines and told to use the new side kick with the new application they had just learnt.

All students were told before moving onto a new technique, you must always master the first one – this, of course, is the golden rule of Tae Kwon Do, but for a Master to confirm this was good as members would learn this comes from the top of the tree.

As I looked around the session, I saw that all members were intrigued by the humbleness and polite mannerisms of the Master, yet the skill and understanding of the art was second to none. The L.T.S.I. have attended many seminars in the past where the Masters look down at the members as though they are nothing (which was an old practice from the past), but this Master showed things have moved forward.

Onto the breaking, both Mr. Snow and Mr. Hollingsworth were instructed to break two red boards with side kick - to be honest, this was the first time Mr. Snow had ever done this since moving onto red boards. Mr. Hollingsworth smashed the boards down, but it took three attempts for Mr. Snow to put the boards down - as they say, pressure does marvellous things as he eventually broke the boards with ease!

At 2.15pm, it was time to end the seminar. Master Nicholls said he had enjoyed teaching the L.T.S.I. members and was honoured that he had been asked back by the Board of Control to conduct another seminar. The seminar concluded with a presentation of attendance certificates and a group photo taken. Mr. Stuart Smith, Vice Chairman, handed some presentation boxed crystal glasses to Mr. Snow to be presented to Master Nicholls, who was clearly very taken by this kind gesture. So far, the feedback is that everyone enjoyed the seminar and the hospitality that was demonstrated by both Master Nicholls and Mr. Hollingsworth. On behalf of the L.T.S.I. and the Board of Control, we would like to thank all members for supporting the event, parents for bringing their children to the seminar and the U.K.-I.T.F. for organising the Masters’ visit.