President Choi accepted an invitation from the Kukkiwon to attend the ceremony of 9th Degree promotions and discussions about people visiting the Kukkiwon purporting to be representatives of ITF.

During the ceremony, President Choi was introduced as the President of ITF to all delegates present.  Discussions were very much around people inviting themselves to the Kukkiwon with no bona fides to prove that they are representing a credible organisation, only themselves.

Dong Sup Lee, Director of the Kukkiwon, established a confidence in who he was talking to and in fact this is the ITF.

Pleasanteries were expressed between President Choi and Dong Sup Lee before President Choi was invited to observe, as a VIP, the promotion of 9th Degrees within the Kukkiwon accreditation.

The meeting closed with a want by both Presideent and Dong Sup Lee for further discussions around the relationship between the ITF and the Kukkiwon.

ITF Executive