We hope all is well with you in your part of the world. 

We hope 2024 has started off well for you and ITF as well as our fellow ITF members around the world.

Following up after our trip to Korea for the historic World Games, during which Mr. El Bey had the honour of being present during a meeting between President Choi and representatives from Belgium and the D.R. Of Congo welcoming them aboard. 

President Choi directed Mr. El Bey to see that INO 239 connect with our fellow members in D.R. Of Congo in support of their transition to membership. 

We are pleased to announce upon our return to Canada, INO 239 held a training & fundraiser to support our fellow members in D.R. of Congo an was able to purchase and collect uniforms and training equipment to send to Africa. 

We are proud to report the event we a success and we have been in contact D.R. of Congo via WhatsApp offering our support and facilitating transport of the donations. 

On Friday January 19th, 2024 Master Demers and Mr. El Bey met with a contact of Africa within Canada to deliver 9 boxes of new and used uniforms and training equipment. 

We hope this will helpful in their journey as members of ITF.