Warm hello from the center of the world 🙂. 

I would like to inform and give continuity of my previous email about the work in progress about ITF in my area. I'm happy to report that we scheduled a meet and greet call so we could talk about any questions they may have regarding our ITF and how we can provide a good service to help them grow alongside us. 

At the time we had these leaders from:

1. Sabum Carlos Tapia from Nicaragua

2. Sabum Victor Castro from Honduras

3. Sabum Llauger Castillo from Puerto Rico

4. Sabum Jose Lora from Dominican Republic

At the meeting everybody was happy to know that we were willing to work towards the betterment of our ITF in our region and to begin working in unison as one group that we all are in this ITF. We then schedule a very simple get together so we can begin knowing each other's schools and faces. I'm very happy to report that on Nov. 25th 2023 we held a Zoom call with the participants from 5 countries where we all taught a session and greet each other in a more formal way. 

Those in this meeting were:

  1. Puerto Rico INO/MO 530

  2. Dominican Republic INO/MO 654

  3. Nicaragua INO/MO 731

  4. Venezuela INO/339

  5. Honduras (joining)

I hope that this never been done effort pleases the ITF as it pleases all of us as for the first time in our history, we are getting together joining forces to build up into a great bridge between practitioners from our Caribbean sea. We look forward into getting stronger so we can soon host bigger and Sanctioned ITF events in the near future. Thank you.  


Ll. Castillo VI Dan

Director  INT-PR

INO/MO #530