On the 16th September UK ITF hosted a 4th Degree+ Training Day which saw members of UK ITF, along with our ITF family from Ireland and the Netherlands, came together for an unforgettable training experience. With over 40 attendees, it was a day filled with kicks, patterns, and bonding with friends. In the morning, we focused on the core kicks of Taekwon-Do, including front snap kick, turning kick, and back piercing kick. We focused on knee control and precise foot placement for maximum effectiveness.

After a relaxed lunch break, the training continued with the 4th degree patterns. As a group, we broke down each pattern, seeking clarity in technique and practical application. We then moved onto 5th and 6th Degree patterns. It is our want at UK ITF to standardise Taekwon-Do throughout the UK in alignment with the teachings of ITF President, Choi Jung Hwa, and events such as this are a great way to achieve it. We wrapped up the session with a blast out of the Kup Tuls. Exhausted but happy, the event came to a close with a heartfelt thank you from GM Nicholls. It was a day of growth, unity, and shared passion for Taekwon-Do. We cannot wait till the next gathering.