ITF Promotions:
Darrin Bonfield- Promoted to 7th Degree
Hennie Thijssen- Promoted to 8th Degree
We are pleased to share with you that on Saturday, 17th September, the UK ITF had the honor of hosting a Masters Degree grading on behalf of the International Taekwon-Do Federation and President Choi Jung Hwa.
Grading for his 7th Degree was Mr. Darrin Bonfield, alongside Master Hennie Thijssen, who travelled over from the Netherlands to test for his 8th Degree.
The grading was conducted under the guidance of ITF Vice President GM Nicholls and a panel of 7 ITF Masters. The grading included junior kup tuls, senior degree tuls, step sparring, and power breaking.
We are delighted to announce that as a result of their performance during the testing day and their involvement with ITF and Taekwon-Do over many years of training, Master Darrin Bonfield has been promoted to the rank of 7th Degree Master, and Master Hennie Thijssen has achieved his well-deserved promotion to 8th Degree.
These promotions were made in accordance with the guidelines set by the ITF and on behalf of President Choi Jung Hwa.
Please join us in extending our heartfelt congratulations to both Master Darrin Bonfield and Master Hennie Thijssen for their remarkable accomplishments. They have truly demonstrated their dedication, skill, and commitment to the art of Taekwon-Do.