3,200 Meals plus and additional 15,466 pounds of food

The Phoenix Group donated 3,200 meals and an additional 15,466 pounds (7015 kg) of food to local communities to help those less fortunate.  For years our individual schools have done their part to give back to their communities.  This year the Phoenix Group decided to put its resources together to show the impact it has when we come together as a whole.  During the month of November, schools encouraged students, families, and friends to work together and donate food to local food charities.  Recognizing that just one can of food contributed helped make someone else’s life better.

Every seminar we attend with President Choi, he speaks about some aspect of the moral culture of Taekwon-Do.  He always discusses the importance of building individual character and putting others before yourself.  The encyclopedia refers to Humanity as “putting others’ freedom before your own. To value others’ honor before your own. To have the unbending desire to accomplish what is right regardless of how insignificant the result may initially seem when compared to the amount of effort put forth.  To behave automatically with the nature of propriety by promoting moral sense.  Not asking others to do what you would rather not do.  To love people, especially one’s parents.”

Every community, every country worldwide has people who need assistance with food.  Food along with oxygen and water is a necessity without which we cannot survive.  By providing food we are sustaining life.  

We are making it our mission to continue our food drive every November.  It is our sincere desire that next year other countries and individuals will join us as well.  

Together we are bigger and stronger.  Together we are making the world a better place. Take care of your communities!  Take care of each other! Make a Difference!