Events: Pattern, Sparring, Poomsae
Participants: ITF students, WT students
Participants: 250
Hosted by: ITF-KOREA
Organized by: ITF-KOREA Gyeongnam Branch, WT Hand Technology Association

From next year, this regional convention will be supported by a local budget and will be continued as a regional convention. Discussions with the local government are on-going in the hope that the competition can be held in Gangseo-gu, Seoul from next year.

Currently, there are 13 clubs and dojos in our organization, and we are active in hosting leader training, referee training and competitions at least 4 times a year.

We will update you regularly on activities in Korean and hope that seniors and executives of the organizations will play a role in supporting our endeavours.

Since the introduction material is in Korean, please look at the photos from the 19th page of the PowerPoint presentation for a history of activities by year.

Many thanks.