Master Yogi Chand is our institute MO#677 Technical director and India Examiner🙏We are glad to have good hearted humanity person.

Our institute proud Master Yogi Chand 🙏

Byrappa Institute of Taekwon-Do Examiner''s

Examiner Sabum Byrappa P - BIT- President from Karnataka

Examiner Sabum Rajesh EV from Kerala State Taekwon-Do Association

Examiner Sabum Syed Saifullah High Kick Taekwon-Do Club - Bangalore

The above 3 wings of our MO#677 they have conducted the belt test for their own students

The BIT-ITF promotions committee is pleased to announce the following attached promotions

Results as below

1. Soumitha Rajkumar III Degree

2. Atharva Shahagadkar III Degree

3. Ayan Prijeesh I Degree

4. Karan Chadha I Degree

5. Abin Damodar IDegree

6. Avani E.V I Degree

7. Sreenandh E.V I Degree

8. Ajwel Janardhanan I Degree

9. Devang Janardhanan I Degree

10. Vaishnav K.C I Degree

11. Niveditha K.P I Degree

12. Devanand M I Degree

13. Sreenandan M.K I Degree

14. Devadarsh P I Degree

15. Anunanda P I Degree

16. Karthika P.V I Degree

17. Oraiba Batul Sajjade I Degree

18. Yameen Siddiqua Sajjadur I Degree

19. Aadithya Sankar K.P I Degree

20. Mohammed Umar I Degree

Thank you & Taekwon🙏
Byrappa P - President