On the first weekend of June 2022 blackbelt grading was conducted by Master Mick Flaherty in Radovljica, Slovenia. Five members of the Slovenian ITF participated.

The test on Friday evening saw Ms. Sitar perform 15 tul, technical drills, self-defence, sparring and breaking. The performance was smooth and the energy levels high throughout, showing the high levels of many years training. Master Flaherty was more than impressed to promote Ms. Sitar.

When the other members arrived for testing on Saturday morning they knew the test was going to be tough having witnessed the Friday evening testing. Mr. Arif Miljković from the Austrian MO#670 requested from Master Flaherty to be allowed to observe ITF testing for 1st, 2nd and 3rd degree. The 4 candidates performed the patterns up to their grade and technical drills upon request of the examiner, demonstrating high technical proficiency as well as notable competence in sparring, power breaking and self-defence.

On Sunday evening Master Flaherty announced the results and all were delighted.

Board of ITF Slovenia MO#657