Grand Master Nicholls conducts 4th Degree and above Seminar in Ireland

Grand Master Nicholls arrived in Cork airport, Ireland on Saturday 12th of February where he was met by a delegation of Taekwon-Do Alliance Ireland INO 605 members. Later that evening the Grand Master attended a dinner with the INO’s executive committee. 

On Sunday 13th  February Grand Master Nicholls conducted a “4th  Degree and above Seminar” in Cork. We had 4 Irish Masters in attendance along with 6th, 5th  and 4th  Degree Black belts from around the country.


The 6-hour session was spent covering patterns Ul-Ji Tul to Tong Il Tul in great detail.  GM Nicholls created a very open, knowledge sharing atmosphere, where every question that was asked from any of the attendees was answered thoroughly. Grand Master Nicholls explained how the 9 training secrets of Taekwon-Do should be applied when performing Taekwon-Do techniques when generating maximum power. Kicking drills were performed detailing the importance of correct knee chamber to execute kicks to full potential while also highlighting the correct foot positions and angles.The session concluded with all Gup Tuls covered from Choong Moo to Chon Ji.


The seminar was very well received by all attendees. Taekwon-Do Alliance Ireland would like to thank Grand Master Nicholls for assistance and his teaching in promoting President Choi’s Taekwon-Do here in Ireland and to all for their attendance. Plans are under way to organise a Master class and a Senior Degree Grading later on in the year and we look forward to having Grand Master Nicholls back in Ireland again soon.

Taekwon-Do Alliance Ireland INO 605