Master Class with GM Nicholls


Getting the New Year off to a great start. 

GM Trevor Nicholls visited Germany last weekend to give a Master Class, hosted by German-ITF. Participants from Poland, the Czech Republic, the Netherlands, Belgium, England and Germany took part.


In addition to GM Nicholls, we also welcomed Master Zondag 8th Dan and Master Thijssen 7th Dan from the Netherlands and Master Nycek 7th Dan from Poland to the event. 


The first part of the seminar dealt with details of the execution of various techniques. The use of the whole body for generating power was of particular importance.


The second part of the seminar, GM Nicholls applied the techniques we practiced beforehand to three Tuls, further developing the basic ideas.


Many thanks to the organisers, all participants and helpers for the teamwork and support which helped this event be such a success. We look forward to seeing everyone again soon.




German ITF