We are very happy to record our sincere thanks to Master Yogi Chand, VII for the Training Session specially designed for the ITF Taekwon-Do Instructors in India.  

The training session for Indian Taekwondo Instructors started on 10th April 2021 and was planned for six weeks and it is announced that the training will be continued every Saturday UK time 10.00 am till the pandemic ends. We request all Indian Instructors to make use of this opportunity to train under Master Yogi Chand, at no costs.

We are also very thankful to Grand Master Trevor Nicholls for his advice and motivation at the beginning of every class for the past three weeks.

It is our fortune to have Master Yogi Chand as our Master Instructor for India, who is imparting his vast knowledge to our Indian Instructors.

In today’s training session more than 15 Instructors from India participated. Today Master covered how to use Kobatan,( small stick weapon, used in the Military, ) in Taekwon-Do techniques. It was an amazing session and eye-opener for us and realized ITF Taekwon-Do can be used in multiple ways to defend oneself and particularly to teach Taekwon-Do more interestingly and effectively to the students.

We would like to thank once again Master Yogi Chand, VII, our Master Instructor, and Grand Master Nicholls, Vice President and General Secretary, ITF UK, for his support to give more training to Indian Instructors.

We also like to thank Sabum Radhakrishnan P.R, VI Dan Black Belt, President, ITF India Council (ITFIC) to create opportunities for all Instructors and work untiringly to make us top-class instructors.