ITF India Council organized National Taekwon-Do  Championship 2019 at BBMP Sports Complex, Bengaluru, India ON 28th & 29th December 2019.

The Championship was inaugurated by lighting lamp by the ITF India Council Members Master Kothandaraman,  Mr. Radhakrishnan P.R, President, ITF India Council,  Mr. Najmudeen Safi from Afghanistan,  Mr. K. Venugopalan, Vice President, ITF India Council, Mr. T. Saravanan, Secretary General, ITF India Council, Mr. T. Senthamarai Kannan, Treasurer,Mr. Srinivasarao Vth Dan from Andra Pradesh, Mr. Sudeesh, VI Dan from Kerala.“ Sare Jahamse Acha” the national patriotic song  sung by Arafa International School Taekwon-Do students.

 President Mr. Radhakrishnan honored all the instructors by presenting Turban, shawl and garland with Mementos.

On 28th December 2019, the Tuls Competition was started at 10.00 am.  The Tuls competition was categorized as White/Yellow Tag, Yellow/Green Tag, Green/Blue Tag, Blue/Red Tag,  Red/Black Tag and Black Belts.

In Tuls competition almost all the students had participated.  This is because, the students got confidence on their techniques. The techniques were improved a lot. Thanks to the continues efforts and motivation by Master Yogi Chand through training sessions for the instructors and students in India.

This year we introduced Team Tuls Competition as first time.  Totally 10 teams participated in the team Tuls event.   Both colour belt and black belt tuls competition conducted.

At 6.00 pm all the winners got their medals and the first day event successfully concluded.

Second Day, 29th December 2019, Sparring competition started at 10.00 am.  There were three rings. Umpires are given training to use the clickers for scoring.  This system saved the time and also ensured accuracy in the points. 

Competitors, particularly the children the future of the ITF India, demonstrated their skills in sparring whole day and achieved their places.  The competition came to an end at 3.30pm and immediately medal ceremony started.

The two day National Championship with 267 competitors has successfully done. 

We thank all the parents, participants, Taekwondo Instructors, ITF India Council Members and all staff, volunteers for their help for the peaceful and successful National Championship.

We thank Master Yogi Chand for his guidance for this National Championship 2019.