On Friday August 30 2019 the INSTITUCION NACIONAL TKD PUERTO RICO received Master Noemi Prone from Argentina where we had a special dinner with the National organization's leaders.

Saturday August 31 we split the day in 2 events. In the morning we had a special black belts class following by some gradings from 1 kup to 3er dan in the afternoon.

Sunday September 1st was the Seminar where we had a great variety of participants from ranks and ages. Also on this day was Master's Prone birthday and we made a cake for the occasion and we all sang happy birthday to her.

Monday September 2 we drove the Master around the city of Ponce where she was staying at. We visit Ponce's interesting sites as the Cruceta el Vigía, the Major's house, tablado la Guancha between some other places.

Tuesday was the day the Master had to leave back to Argentina but not before we took her for sightseeing the capital of Puerto Rico, San Juan. We went to places like the Governor's mansion, the house of the laws, the fort called El Morro, took her through the old San Juan brick streets, the San Juan bay where the cruisers arrive and more. after all morning and part of the evening it was time to take her back to the airport to finish the great journey with her.

We are very thankful in everything she taught us it as an amazing experience we all had and we look forward to continue the relationship we build here on the island with Master Noemi Prone.