IIC Denver Colorado July 6-7, 2019


The ITF continues to demonstrate its superiority and professionalism by providing seminars and education to its members.  On July 6-7 it held an International Instructor Course in Denver, Colorado.  The event was a great success.  The course brought our brothers and sisters together from near and far.  Some of the places represented were Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, Nevada, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Puerto Rico, and Texas.  Grand Master Trevor Nicholls was the presenter and did an exceptional job.  Special guests included Grand Master Robert Wheatley and Mrs. Sandra Lim.  The course schedule was 9am-2:00pm each day with no break for lunch.  This was very well received by all participants and instructors alike.  This change saved participants from cooling down over a lunch break and having to warm up again.  Participants indicated if felt like there was more training time than with other courses where a great deal of time is dedicated to eating lunch and needing to warm up again.  Ending each day at 2:00 pm allowed participants time to explore the city and do some sightseeing.  


The first day began with introductions and a review of four basic kicks: front kick, side kick, turn kick, and reverse turn kick.  Grand Master Nicholls discussed in depth and drilled the fundamental aspects of each kick. He broke them down into preparatory, dynamic, and kinetic components.  He discussed foot placement, body position, angle of trajectory, and line of attack.  It was very informative and sent everyone home with things to think about and tweak in their own execution of the basics.  Grand Master Wheatley then spent some time reviewing stepping, dodging, shifting, and sliding.  At the end of training session, Grand Master Nicholls had the participants finish with all 24 patterns.


On the second day, participants arrived eager for more information but sore.  This was a great tribute to the thoroughness of the previous day.  This day was dedicated primarily to patterns.  Each pattern was performed and discussed thoroughly.  The 6thdegrees were excited to have dedicated time with Grand Master Nicholls early in the day before they were fatigued.  Lower ranks worked on drills and patterns, until they were invited to join in with Grand Master Nicholls as he moved down through the patterns.  


The United States is excited to have hosted this event and is looking forward to future events.