Master Michael Muleta conducted a seminar for the black
belts on Sunday 19 May at the headquarters of Taekwon-Do South Africa in
Johannesburg. He was last in South Africa 21 years ago and said it was a place
close to his heart. He got to sight see a little and enjoy some of what South
Africa has to offer while also working and conducting training.  
An informative session was held with
interesting ideas to understand the secrets or concepts of Taekwon-Do movement.
Master Muleta’s
  exercise science
background allowed for a good perspective on understanding the why
  of the way we perform techniques. It was
followed by questions and answers.

A Monday night session was also taken by him where many
interesting kicking exercises and drills were covered.

The seminar and class was enjoyed and well received by the

TSA would like to thank Master Muleta for making his time
available while in South Africa and his valuable input.