Sr.Master Parmjit S.Rai reached Vijayawada on 17-05-2019 at about 8.30AM. to the Vijayawada Airport, Master B.V.Ramanaiah  Presidnet of TAI, his son Mr.Ravi and Mr.D.V.V.Prasad General Secretary of TAI received Master Parmjit S.Rai and Take him to a star Hotel at Vijayawada.

                  And on 18-05-2019 Morning all The participants have reached the stadium and on arrival of Master Parmjit S.Rai all the participants welcoming Master Rai, and Master Parmjit S.Rai was Honoured by President,  Secretary of TAI, and other State Representatives of TAI, and later the Seminar was started up to 12 Noon  1st session of seminar was completed and later Master Parmjit S.Rai called Master Ramanaiah and Mr.Prasad in front of all the percipients, and announced that Master B.V.Ramanaiah was promoted to 8th Dan Black Belt  and Mr.D.V.V.Prasad promoted to 7th Dan Black Belt by ITF.   Then all the TAI members and participants wishes Master B.V.Ramanaih and Master D.V.V.Prasad.

                Evening Session of Seminar was started by 3PM and completed by 5PM, and teach a new techniques and  Tuls.

                On the next day 19-05-2019 the seminar of morning session was started by 8AM and completed by 10.30AM  Master Rai teaches Self defence techniques and Tuls, and evening sessions of seminar started by 3PM to 5PM, after completion of seminar Master Rai Issued Seminar certificates to all the participants and took some pictures with Master Parmjit S.Rai.

                 By this Seminar all the participants learned a lot new techniques, self defence techniques, and corrections in Tuls.  We are very much thankful to ITF President Grand Master CHOI JUNG HWA to permit this Seminar as ITF Sanctioned event and also we are very much thankful to Grand Master TREVOR NICHLLOS General Secretary of ITF who support to success the seminar in India.

Written By:  Master  D.V.V.PRASAD 7th Dan

                                                General Secretary